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BOXING- the Australian Boxing team are on the way to Shanghai for an international boxing tournament with a great team and Sportsbrand are covering a small part of the action for a documentary on one of Australia's most well deserved Boxing hall of Fame recipients who will be attending the event with one of his boxers - Ella boot the Australian national champion named the "smiling assasin" by the media in Queensland and named "Bullets" in New south wales because of her hand speed in the boxing ring

Sports people and charity News?
2019 and sportsbrand covered the Phillipines for the documentary on a charity run by Samoan christians who travel the world and build orphanages for children who are in need of help and support, many of the Samoan volunteers are either ex professional sports persons or current sports persons including Rugby players, and Basketball players as well as extremely talented musicians and beautiful singers,
these people in there own time and at there own expense build orphanges from scratch and the locations are usually valleys or mountains
as a young fella i struggled to keep up with these guys and girls as they carried tonnes of concrete and roof tiles, they painted huge tin school roofs at height in extreme heat, but it was so worth it to see how happy these wonderful sports people with there families made these poor children

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