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Top athletes have top profiles, managers, PR teams and nowdays some have social media teams, let sportsbrand help you,
this photo was taken from a video profile we made with roger in Melbourne during the week of the Melbourne cup, because we specialise in special effects
Ella boot the athlete worked as part of our team during the event,
since Ella was 10 years old she has worked in the film and television industry as an extra in front of the camera and behind the camera at sporting events such as MMA...

play the video below and you will see how small the world can be with athletes

profile - Boxer - Ella Boot

  • Australian National champion
  • Queensland state Champion
  • Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist youth
  • World title Medalist
  • Kalpori asia cup Gold Medalist
  • 3 x Australian National Karate Champion
  • Black Belt 2nd Dan

the athlete the person


you could easily underestimate Ella with her constant beaming smile and you would think butter wouldnt melt, but once the Bell sounds for the first round she enters into a beast mode
fighting comes easy for Ella because she loves the sport, for Ella is an intelligent Grade A student well grounded and well spoken as a great Ambassador for any company wishing to sponsor and support her journey,

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